The stage skirt has been received. We are very happy with the result. The material is very good and it fits perfectly. Thank you for the good service.


Your truss offers excellent support for the canvas and the theater lighting. The engine hoists are doing their job properly. Also on behalf of the 1000 guests of last Saturday I would like to thank you for the fast service and the


I thoroughly enjoy the new wall covering every day. 


The ballet floor is located in a studio for the preparatory training of the National Ballet Academy, where mainly children dance. It works fine!


This morning at 9 a.m. the items were delivered, and our volunteers Jan and Dirk were able to get to work. Everything neatly hung up and at 2 p.m. we could shoot the first film on the new screen with the new beamer that had also only been delivered yesterday. Beautiful picture, children all satisfied. Tonight the adult performance, which again attracted a lot of interest, thanks to your fast delivery, with the approval of the board on Thursday last week, and everything has already been arranged. Thank you very much for your cooperation and look forward to the next collaboration.


For this project we delivered the Voordoek in our Sonata theater velvet color Night blue. The legs and the side-masking are supplied in the color black. The Horizon cloth in the crown quality fabric Filled Cloth. The cloths in the hall and the stopping compartments are supplied in a special painted color ocher. Of course we have our own TS 100 rails for the used to hang the cloths and the dance vinyl plus the transport cart should not be missing.


This project was a real challenge that turned out particularly well. The front cloth is supplied in velvet Sonata, color theater red, as well as the manteaux and front frieze. For the stage part (masking) we used black velvet Sonata. The rear ceiling hangs from a rail tray (of course equipped with safety cables). This rail tray is used to hang the rear ceiling flexibly, so that it can be hung in front of the horizon cloth or in the middle of the stage. The canvases for the windows are made up in the shapes of the windows in Sonata velvet color white. To prevent the light from penetrating the cloths, we lined them with the cloth. The rails for the windows of the hall is a very strong cord-operated rail specially designed for medium to heavy fabrics. These are supplied in the white color RAL 9010. The horizon cloth is supplied in the fabric Filled Cloth. We also supplied cloths with and on the balcony in Theater Molton fabric.


In half an hour we transform the auditorium into a true theater, which is now completely finished with the curtain and fabric supplied by you. We receive many compliments for this from colleagues, parents and of course the students. Thanks for a good cooperation


It's great to show off new canvases like this in the main hall, it is raining compliments our way about the new flexibility of the hall. So I always say that I made it up myself… I also get compliments about our new canvases all year long! (That new rail system…)


The curtains are perfect (also acoustically) !!!


The Leidse Schouwburg would like to express its satisfaction with the cooperation with Theatertextiel Ron de Groot BV We are very satisfied with the quality of the materials supplied and the service provided. of the customer thinks along and constantly comes up with new developments. The service is in good order and fast delivery is possible when necessary. 


We are pleased to tell you that we have had an excellent relationship with Ron de Groot for many years. They provided the very first curtains when this theater was built and we have been happy to return ever since. This was also regularly necessary because a theater is always on the move. The service was also excellent. You know how the requirements in a theater are constantly being tightened up and where Ron de Groot could help with that, whether by replacement or improvement or by providing extra reports. The last job was the upholstery of the cafe-restaurant, a rush job where we also had few resources available. In consultation we have again found a very acceptable solution. This showed that Ron de Groot is not only a professional company, but also a company with a warm heart. 

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