The electric chain hoist from Ron de Groot Theatertextiel has a robust construction and is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including the theater. They are equipped with a qartel load hook with safety valve. Easy to disassemble for maintenance purposes. Equipped with a SIEMENS control system and the permanently lubricated transmission, ensures smooth and quiet operation. The electric chain hoist is supplied with control switch, power cable and chain box. Complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC including test certificate, CE declaration of conformity and operating instructions.

Capacity 0.5T
Lifting speed: 7 m/min
Lifting chain 6.3 x 19 Ø x mm
Energy consumption: 0.9 kW
Netto weight : 43 kg
Extra weight 0.9 kg/m
Voltage: 400V
Lifting speed: a few
Lifting chain volgens EN 818-7 grade DAT
Control cable: Standaard ≈ 3 meter
Power cable : 1 meter without plug
Housing protection: IP 55
Control protection: IP 65
Classification : M5/2m (ISO/FEM)
Duty cycle / Starts per hour: 40% / 240
Insulation class: class F
Operating temperature: -20°C – +40°C
Charge type: Goods, may not be used to lift people
Switch: 24V switch with emergency stop
Overload protection: Externally adjustable slip clutch, ex manufacturer.
Rem: Electromagnetic spring-loaded brake, holds the load firmly even in the event of a power failure
Limit switch: Electro-mechanical top and bottom limit switch
Thermal protection: Protected by heat sensor

Extension Cable

Extension cable type CEE 400V power extension cables with 5-pole 16A CEE contact material.
Length: 25.00 meters
Cores: 5 Cross-section: 2.5mm²
Contact material: CEE 16A 5 pole
Hours: 6 h
Colou:r black

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