This CSR statement is intended to provide interested parties with insight into the core values ​​of our organization.

This in addition to a brief explanation of what Corporate Social Responsibility means to our company.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a natural part of our business operations. For Ron de Groot, CSR means Theatertextiel B.V. striving for a balance between a healthy business return, a better environment and optimal well-being of employees and society. We consider it our duty to observe the content of this statement and to make it known to our employees, customers and suppliers.

Ron de Groot Theatertextiel B.V. treats its people, customers & environment in a respectful way. Ron de Groot Theatertextiel respects and acts in accordance with the law and regulations and generally applicable standards and values. Ron de Groot Theatertextiel has an eye for the needs of and is transparent in its communication and making agreements with employees, customers and suppliers and other stakeholders. An important place within our organization is the subject of quality. We continue to train our employees (we only work with our own employees and no self-employed persons) to be able to guarantee the high quality, also in the long term, and we invest a lot in quality and efficiency for all parties.

Ron de Groot Theatertextiel B.V. sets high standards for quality and safety management and is a VCA * 2008 / 5.1 certified organization.


One of the goals of our organization is the well-being of our employees. The well-being of our employees is promoted by creating a healthy, good and safe working environment. Properly applied health and safety rules are in the interest of our organization, our employees and our customers.
Our organization has an approved and tested Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E) Ron de Groot Theatertextiel invests a lot in a positive working atmosphere by stimulating and creating an informal working atmosphere with open communication, in which employees have their own responsibility with a lot of freedom. Ron de Groot Theatertextiel pursues an open and honest policy about the way of its policy, future plans and any changes in direction.
Ron de Groot Theatertextiel's policy is to keep our employees sustainable and optimally deployable. The policy is aimed at keeping employees healthy, motivated, involved and therefore productive for as long as possible, as well as for the organization. It achieves this goal by taking into account education and age and the associated specific characteristics and needs.


Another goal of our organization is environmentally friendly business. In the performance of the business activities, the best technical and economically justified measures and provisions will be taken to the best of our ability. minimize adverse effects on the environment (see VCA) The best possible control and reduction of environmental impact is a point of attention in operational management Ron de Groot Theatertextiel B.V. meets and complies with the requirements of environmental laws and regulations as an organization. Possible environmental risks that are relevant to the organization have been identified (see VCA)

We only use FSC wood, which means that a new one is planted for every tree that is felled. Furthermore, all chemicals (dyes and fire retardants) are biodegradable.

Our cotton comes from Greece and Turkey. That is relatively clean, much cleaner than cotton from Uzbekistan or India.


Ron de Groot Theatertextiel B.V. is een bedrijf met intern opgeleide, vakbekwame, VCA gecertificeerde medewerkers. Tijdens de bedrijfsvoering streven wij ernaar om volgens de richtlijnen van VCA * 2008/5.1 te werken en hiermee een basis te leggen voor verdere verduurzaming van de bedrijfsactiviteiten de komende jaren.
Onze organisatie neemt energiebesparende maatregelen zoals de keuze voor groene stroom, het aanbrengen van isolatie en energiezuinige materialen in onze kantoren, werkplaatsen, ateliers en warehouses en het verwarmen d.m.v. speciale energiezuinige allesbrander kachels. Het duurzaam bewust zijn van onze medewerkers wordt gestimuleerd door hen te attenderen op onnodig energie en waterverbruik, afvalscheiding etc. (zie VCA)
Er vindt bij ons een aparte inzameling van papier (allesbrander), plastic, metalen, hout en chemisch afval plaats (zie VCA)Als extra service naar onze klanten en vanuit milieuoogpunt bieden wij onze klanten aan om de bijvoorbeeld oude balletvloeren aan ons te retourneren, welke wij op verantwoorde en op een milieuvriendelijke manier kunnen afvoeren/ verwerken en om bijvoorbeeld ook de verpakkingsmaterialen mee retour te nemen zodat wij ze op onze afvalscheidingswijze kunnen verwerken.


In the case of social responsibility, Ron de Groot stands for Theatertextiel B.V. the relationship with its (immediate) environment is central, to which we want to make an active contribution. By consciously dealing with the social and natural environment, Ron de Groot Theatertextiel B.V. its social responsibility in various ways.

Ron de Groot Theatertextiel sponsors various local organizations: associations, health, animals and culture. (local animal park, Clini Clowns, Bear Forest, Alpe 'd Huzes Foundation, children's stamps, dog in need, various small cultural institutions)

Ron de Groot Theatertextiel B.V. ensures a positive contribution to the local economy, mainly by attracting employees from the region. This also has benefits for the environment.

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