We supply all fabrics for setting up a stage, as well as for the total furnishing of TV studios, sports halls, cinemas, cultural centers, schools, funeral homes, cinemas, town halls, training centers, museums, etc.

Blackout curtains and acoustic fabrics are available in various qualities, colors and materials, such as velvet, cotton, wool, theater fabric, molton, filled cloth, gobelintule Trevira CS and many other types of fabrics. Movable curtain systems, the so-called pipes & drapes, are also available in any desired size.

All fabrics meet the high standards set by our company and all undergo factory flame-retardant treatment. This according to the applicable mandatory E.E.G.standards. Before delivery, all fabrics are carefully checked for weaving defects and color differences. This way we can guarantee you lasting quality.

All mentioned fabrics are available per meter. The fabric can be made to measure. Of course we can place the cloths for you with the corresponding hanging system and we come to fit it directly, so we ensure a continuous high quality service.

The informative seat covers are also available from us, a unique product that looks great in theaters, whilst ensuring to keep a safe 1.5 meter distance during the corona virus.

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