Accessories- Stage Elements

Plug-in legs for stage parts

Set consists of 4 pieces, stage parts These insert legs for stage elements are available as standard in sizes 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 cm. Other sizes are also available on request. These legs are made of high-quality aluminum with rounded corners.
In addition, adjustable legs are available, these are by means of a rotating ground surface adjustable from 0 to 25mm and can absorb unevenness of the ground.

Quick clamps

For connecting the stage elements together (one quick clamp (type solo) required per stage element). Quick clamp type Black, these clamps can be attached to the top profile and to the legs and quick clamp, for confirmation on the top profile.


For legs of 100 cm, it is desirable to provide some of the stage parts with braces because of safety, these are made of a high-quality aluminum box profile. For elements with legs of 100 cm or higher, it is recommended to provide one length and one width of the side with braces. A set consists of one piece of 1 meter and one piece of 2 meters.


For safety, handrails are available, which can be a plug-in system. With this system we guarantee that the handrail will always remain in place. We use steel wells that are milled into the top. The handrails are placed in these steel wells, so no clamps or spindles. Really solid work!

The handrails are made of square tubular profile with the dimensions 20 x 45 mm. There are 2 widths available, namely:
1.00 meters wide / 2.00 meters wide.
The handrails are finished in satin black.

Stair steps

Steps are available to enter the stage. These steps are made of the same material and profile as that of the stage element.
The dimensions (W x D) per step are 1.00 meters by 0.50 meters. The steps must be plug-in legs to be brought to the correct height.

Transport wheels

We have developed a wheel set for transport and storage. This set consists of 4 sturdy swivel wheels, welded to a square tube, which can then be secured in any corner of the stage element. The other elements can then easily be stacked on top (maximum 10 pieces)so that everything can be moved easily.
See also (transport) decor carts drum risers available.

Custom-made transport carts

We produce all trolleys ourselves in our own factory as standard. As a result, customization is no problem at all.
As you can see on the right, all wishes are possible, such as this type of cart, made at the request of our customer with a fixed push handle in the middle of the cart so that the stage parts, 4 pieces per side, stand upright on the cart. Of course we have made the push handle a bit higher at 1.10 meters so that the cart can always be grasped well and can therefore be steered at ease. If you also need a custom cart, please contact us now and click 

Transport carts

We have developed a TRANSPORT CART for transport and storage. This cart consists of 4 sturdy swivel wheels, welded to a square tube. The elements can be placed on their side in a simple manner, standing on their side = simple standard version. This type can pass through a single door. If desired, we can make a cart that holds 10 to 12 piecesbut, it cannot pass through a standard size door.

Stage elements and accessories can also be rented.

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