Maintenance & Aftersales

Maintenance Contract                                                       
Ron de Groot Theater equipment not only thinks about the installation on the day, but also we find it essential that there is an 
aftercare system, and we ensure that the materials are handled with care. This extends the already long guaranteed life of our products even further, purely by keeping it in good condition. For this reason, we offer the option of taking out a maintenance contract.
A unique service, which also offers a number of flexible options, tailored to the individual wishes of the customer. Among other things, attention is paid to the general condition of the upholstery and the suspension system. Where necessary, minor repairs are carried out and the best way to deal with the materials is again pointed out.  

After completion of the project, you haven't seen the last of us yet. If we have visited you on location, we will, in person, visit you again to check the upholstery and to seam and / or correct it again where necessary. This is part of our service and no additional costs will be charged!

Do you have any questions or would you like professional advice? 

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