We deliver all kinds of textiles (from blackout and acoustic curtains to main stage curtains) to establish a theatre/stage. As well as textiles for the entire decoration of TV studio’s, sport halls, cinema’s, cultural centres, schools, mourning centers, town houses, museums and many more.

We produce and deliver curtains, Theatre drapes, stage curtains, flame retardant fabrics and acoustic cloth. These are available in different qualities, colours and materials, such as velours velvets, cotton, wool, molton, filled cloth, gauze and many others. Also flexible curtain system, Pipes and Drapes, are available in any desired measurement. We have high standards concerning the flame retardancy of our textiles. All of our fabrics meet the high European standards and are impregnated during fabrication against flammability. This happens according to the compulsory E.E.G. qualifications. Before delivery all fabrics are carefully checked for weaving defaults and colour differences, to ensure the highest quality.

Every fabric is available per meter. The curtains can be custom-made based on your own measurements or we can come by to take measurements and advice you on the best theatre textiles and decoration. We can install all curtains for you on site with the needed systems. We also finish the hems of the curtains on site to the exact right length.

Also we sell the 'reserved' cloth, unique and beautiful pieces of embroidered theatre velvet making the old fashioned A4 papers redundant.

See in this video above how velvet is made, this video is part of a Canadian children's program


Our SONATA Theater Velours has the most luxurious and full-fledged appearance and is excellent to illuminate.

For this fabric we assume velvet in the heavy A-quality SONATA. Sonata is our own quality theater velvet crown quality, specially developed by our company for the theater. Sonata is standard available in Theater Red, Night Blue, Royal Blue or Black. The fabric is guaranteed colourfast, colourfast and light-tight, of heavy quality with a very long lifespan. The highest in terms of acoustic damping. At our company, the nap of the velor is turned to made up above; this to obtain the colors as dark and expressive as possible.

Due to the special impregnation of our cloths, the cloths remain flame-retardant for their entire life and do not need to be treated in between.


Theater molton is a so-called roughened black cotton type which is roughened on both sides, creating the molton-like appearance. It is factory flame resistant

 Due to the special impregnation of our cloths, the cloths remain flame-retardant for their entire life, if treated properly, and therefore do not need to be treated in the meantime.


It is a 100% wool type, naturally flame-extinguishing. This fabric has an exceptionally long life. This fabric is specially produced for us for theaters. A very strong fabric that will last for at least 15 years with normal use. 

Wool is a natural process. As a natural product, wool is self-extinguishing, which means that the fabric has not been treated with the usual acidic salt solution to improve its flame-resistance. This translates into gigantic long lifespan. Our wool is of such good, high quality that it lasts a very long time.


Cloth is a so-called roughened black cotton type which is roughened on one side, creating a flannel-like appearance. Because the Cloth, in contrast to the more standard Theater Molton, is only roughened on one side, this fabric is of better quality and even less light. The fabric is factory impregnated with a flame retardant effect and in 2017 it was given a renewed quality mark according to the Dutch TŰV certificates ISO 6940 / 41.The fabric width is 3.00 meters. Fabric has a weight of ± 990 grams / Lm. The fabric is practically light-proof and the color is black. Due to the special impregnation of our cloths, the cloths remain flame-retardant for their entire lifespan, if treated properly, and therefore not to be treated in the meantime.

Horizon Cloths

Our horizon cloth is manufactured from Filled Cloth. This is a seamless cotton in the color optical white. The fabric width is 11.60 meters. The fabric is factory impregnated with a flame retardant effect. Due to the special block structure of the fabric, the canvas is exceptionally well exposed. Optical white is extremely suitable for projection, so the canvas can also be used for projection, film, etc.

The fabric recovers very quickly, unlike cotton horizon cloths which take longer. This fabric may therefore not be stretched, then the warranty will even lapse. The fabric recovers quickly and thus pulls taut by itself with the help of a weight tube.


All our fabrics meet the strict requirements set by our company and are impregnated with a factory flame-resistant impregnation. It is possible that due to circumstances it is not sufficient to determine whether fabrics / curtains still meet the strict requirements. RdG-120 fire-retardant impregnating agent is a non-hazardous and user-friendly liquid for the flame-retardant impregnation of paper and fabrics with more than 30% natural fibers, so that they comply with the NEN 1722 standard.

In addition to a space stock, it also has its own ready-to-wear workshop
The theater screens can be hemmed to size at your location
The theater curtains are manufactured and ready to be hung
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