The results of the acoustics measurement of the beautiful, new Texacoustic fabrics in the Koninklijke Schouwburg!

We have already been able to install this sensational product at many different locations. Some examples are provided below. - In the theater of a conservatory where it is not only used improve the acoustics, but also as a canvas plan, to keep out light. - As a cover in a concert hall where a highly reflective part of the hall had to be "muffled" - In an old factory hall that now belongs to a (jazz) café. The Texacoustic fabric was installed here because this space consists mainly of steel, concrete and glass. It would also help reduce and muffle the sound made by people whilst they spoke, ate and drank. By providing the long glass entrance walls with canvases, painted in a specifically desired "olive color" and also dressing the stage with stage coverings in the Texacoustic, the sound has been significantly improved. This location is no longer just a feast for the eyes, but also for the ear! - A theater where the sound, on top of the roller attic and high on the side wall in the hall, flows away too much without acoustic solutions. Rows full of our beautiful Texacoustic canvases have optimized the sound here again, as it should. - In an office building in Dordrecht, the Texacoustic fabrics are used to close off an open meeting room and to muffle conversations from both outside to inside and vice versa. - In a number of restaurants hang both (decorative) Texacoustic canvases and upholstered panels to counteract the disturbing ambient noise. Think of the buzz of several simultaneous conversations, the clatter of dishes, cutlery and glasses and the reverberation of sound in general on hard surfaces.

Our cotton comes from Greece and Turkey. That is relatively clean, much cleaner than cotton from Uzbekistan or India. The wires inside Texacoustic are a viscose, which is made of wood. We only use FSC wood, which means that for every tree that is felled, a new one is planted. Furthermore, all chemicals (dyes and fire retardants) are biodegradable. In conclusion, a biodegradable and sustainable acoustic solution that you can enjoy for almost a lifetime. 

Standaard breedte: 140 cm – ca 55/56”
 ca. 1600 g/m1, ca. 1140 g/m2
 60% CMD / 40% CO
 N00, brandvertragend
Certificaat brandwerendheid:
 EN 13773 klasse 1 / NF-P92-507-M1 / DIN 4102-81
 ISO 354 / αw = klasse A
Min. Orderhoeveelheid:
 ca. 50 mtr in standaard of RAL/PANTONE/eigen kleur
 Akoestische gordijnen / akoestische panelen.

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