Safety Nets

Safety Net Orchestra Pit
In concert halls and theaters, it is important that safety regulations are inspected and kept up to date regularly. The safety net above the orchestra pit is mandatory, to avoid accidents such as falling. . The employer is responsible and liable for this. There is a risk of falling in situations where there is no stage edge protection or there is an orchestra pit in front of the stage.
If you think that you are in need of more protection around the stage, we can solve this for you.

 By installing a safety net you can meet this safety provision.
With this appearance people or heavy objects such as set pieces and / or props end up in the orchestra pit with all the associated risks, such as personal and material damage. For a correct mounting option tailored to your location, we can provide you with information or if necessary visit you to measure everything on site.

We have supplied and confirmed these safety nets in:
  • Theater De Lievekamp te Oss (zie foto’s)
  • Schouwburg De Kring te Roosendaal
  • Theater Castellum te Alphen a.d. Rijn.en Chassé
  • Theater te Breda
  • Schouwburg Antwerpen

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