The schools are allowed to reopen. The preparations for a theater piece or final musical can be started, according to the standards of the RIVM.

This is a wonderful opportunity for schools to present themselves to the outside world, it is mainly about pupils being able to discover, develop and show their talents. Everyone works together, creating a close-knit group within the school, right through all the layers of the school.

To this end, in new construction projects as well as in existing schools, rehearsal and training rooms are being created, many of which we have been able to furnish for both the regular primary and secondary schools and the specialized We have been able to provide various schools with, among other things, fire-retardant coverings and stage curtains, grid, rails, certified stage elements, dance and ballet floor, set subjects, horizon cloths, projection screens, electrical film screens, hoists and darkening, we can also easily divide your gymnasium by means of separating cloths.

You ask, we make. Think of universal mouth masks and chair covers, possibly with a school logo and the name of the teacher / student.


Why school theater and stage design?

Iedere school wil theater.
De uitvoering van een theaterstuk is voor een school niet alleen een prachtige kans om zich naar buiten te profileren, het gaat er vooral om dat leerlingen hun talenten kunnen ontdekken, uitbouwen en tonen. Iedereen werkt samen waarbij er binnen de school een hechte groep ontstaat dwars door de leerlagen van de school heen. Hiervoor worden oefen- en opleidingsruimten gecreëerd waarvan wij er al vele hebben mogen inrichten zowel op de reguliere basis- en middelbare scholen als op de gespecialiseerde opleidingen.

Wij hebben deze scholen o.a. mogen voorzien van 
cloths grid, rails, stage elements,  podium- en balletvloer , takelsdecorvakken horizoncloths,projectie doeken elektrische filmschermentakels ,verduistering, etc.

Buiten specifieke theaterscholen, ROC scholen, e.d. hebben wij ook andere scholen ingericht. Onder aan de pagina vindt u een greep uit ons portfolio.

Digiboard and sunlight

As every school knows, a combination of a Digiboard and a radiant sun is not an ideal situation, so check out our solution for this now! If it was the case with the traditional chalkboard that had as much (day) light as possible to fall on a Digiboard, you would like to the opposite. Light from outside plays a major role with regard to the visibility of the information on the Digiboard. Our company responds to this problem and comes up with a simple yet effective solution. Namely blackout curtains. These curtains are made to measure and according to your wishes and, if desired, also installed with a rail system.

The curtains also meet fire-resistant requirements and are available in various qualities, depending on your budget.

So feel free to look around our site for the various options and do not hesitate to contact one of our employees for more information and / or to make an (no-obligation) appointment.

Do you have any questions or would you like professional advice? 


  • Zadkine te Rotterdam
  • Davinci College te Leiden
  • American School te ’s Gravenhage
  • American School te Wassenaar
  • Alkwin College te Uithoorn
  • Alysius College te Uithoorn
  • Ashram College te Alphen a/d Rijn
  • Atlas Onderwijs Groep te Rijswijk
  • Beekdal Lyceum te Arnhem
  • Bonhoeffer College te Enschede
  • Cals College te Nieuwegein
  • Candea College te Duiven
  • Campusianum Gymnasium te Gorinchem
  • Coenecoop College te Waddinxveen/Boskoop
  • Deltion College te Zwolle
  • Emiliusschool te Son
  • Friesland College te Leeuwarden
  • Groenewoud College te Nijmegen
  • Japanse School te Amsterdam
  • Lighthartschool te Tilburg
  • Makeblijde College te Rijswijk
  • Van Maerlantlyceum te Eindhoven
  • Nijmeegse Scholengemeenschap te Nijmegen
  • Rijswijks Lyceum te Rijswijk
  • Reviuslyceum te Doorn
  • Zandvliet College te Leidschendam
  • Gymnasium Novum College Voorburg
  • Artez Hogeschool van de Kunsten Arnhem
  • Teylingen College Voorhout
  • Het Valuas College Venlo
  • Codarts Hogeschool v.d. Kunsten Rotterdam
  • IVKO School Amsterdam
  • Scholengemeenschap Lelystad


  • ROC de Friese Poort te Emmeloord
  • ROC de Friese Poort te Sneek
  • ROC te Tilburg
  • ROC Midden Brabant
  • ROC te LeidenROC Twente te Hengelo
  • ROC Horizoncollege te Heerhugowaard
  • ROC te Drachten
  • ROC Friese Poort Leeuwarden
  • ROC A12 Ede
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