For storage and transport of materials we have various carts that can be used on or around the stage.
Cloth cart

Our canvas carts consist of a steel frame made of box section (15 × 20 mm) and are welded and finished in the colour anthracite in our own workshop. The cars are equipped  with a sturdy slatted base and such,heavy duty castors. It has a generous heavy cotton bag, which has a sealing flap at the top to prevent dust build-up.  In conclusion, this is the ideal way to store your curtains safely and dust-free.

You can choose from 2 sizes:

- 1.40 meters long, 0.75 meters wide and 0.80 meters high. Cloth bag color: Blue

- 2.00 meters long, 0.75 meters wide and 0.90 meters high. Cloth bag color: Black

Ballet roll trolley

Ideal for transport and storage for rolls of dance vinyl is our own company.  This storage trolley is welded in our own workshop, finished in black and equipped with heavy castors. 
The ballet roll trolley can store up to six rolls of dance vinyl. Since these trolleys are manufactured by our company, it is also possible to make a trolley for eight rolls. in addition we also produce flat 
carts for the transport of ballet rolls.

Storage and transport cart for stage elements

We have developed a TRANSPORT CART for transport and storage. This cart consists of 4 sturdy swivel wheels, welded to a square tube. The elements can be placed on their side in a simple manner, standing on their side = simple standard version. This type can pass through a single door. If desired, we can make a cart that holds 10 to 12 pieces but, it cannot pass through a standard size door.


We also make all desired trolleys to measure, for example transport trolleys or leg trolleys for the insert legs of the stage parts.

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Wij produceren standaard alle karren in onze eigen werkplaats. Hierdoor is maatwerk dan ook geen enkel probleem. Zoals u hiernaast ziet zijn alle wensen mogelijk, zoals bijvoorbeeld dit type “Kerstboom” transportkar, uitgevoerd in een dubbele lengte op wens van onze klant.

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